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MobiTracker FAQ

Q: How do I get access to Mobitracker Contracts?

A: You must have a verified account on Mobitracker to use Contracts. We want to ensure all contracts are legitmate and the creator is the rightful owner.

Q: Is there/will there be a way that we can interface with a spreadsheet for our own records keeping purposes?

A: When Mobitracker Contracts is polished enough to move onto other addons to Mobitracker such as API's and Bots we will keep this in mind.

Q: Additionally, the concept of a bounty placed by an illegitimate authority (not a government(ish) entity enforcing law) has a lot of implications. How do we verify the legitimacy of a "righteous" bounty or would it be no questions asked?

A: For this reason we've renamed Bountys to Head Hunt to imply its darker side of activities. All Head Hunts are assassinations taken up by Unlawful Players no questions asked.

Q: How do you prevent abuse?

A: All of the reviews are carefully moderated, they must adhere to a guideline that has a zero-tolerance policy for racism, sexism, and harassment. They also must be of a real ingame event. We also have systems in place that will flag spam or otherwise questionable reviews.

Q: Why can unverified accounts only leave 3 reviews?

A: Verification helps us identify the rightful owners of the account, it also helps prevent spam or fake reviews.

Q: What's the point?

A: MobiTracker isn't designed to help you find new handles. Its purpose is to help verify that the people you're embarking on an adventure with or forming/joining an organization with are trustworthy and don't have malicious intent. It can also be used to make a judgment on who is better suited for a task, because there are only so many seats in a ship, make sure you're filling them with the right people.

Q: Do you store our information?

A: No. The information isn't viewable by any of the websites team. The only information that is viewable by the team is the RSI Handle and the reviews. (This is your public displayed ingame name) While the website does encrypt the email and password you use to login to mobiTracker, this doesn't need to be the same information as your RSI login credentials and we encourage users to use different information. The email you provide us is only stored for password retrieval purposes and is not used in any capacity.

Q: Why do I need to give you my email?

A: Again, this email address is only for password retrieval purposes. Because you can only create one account linked to your RSI Handle you won't be able to use mobiTracker if you lose the login information associated with it. Thus we found it was necessary to find a way for people to find/retrieve their passwords.

Q: What type of reviews can I leave?

A: Only reviews that pertain to real ingame interactions are permitted on mobiTracker, even if your review is pertaining to a real ingame incident it cannot include sexism, racism, or other forms of bigotry.

Q: What can I do if someone leaves an inappropriate review?

A: If you find a review that breaks our posting guidelines, please use the report button to bring it to a moderator's attention.

Q: How do you prevent RSI Developers or high profile RSI Handles from being stolen?

A: Developer RSI handles have a unique identifier built-in. This means that our website can prevent those accounts from being created. Nobody will be able to create an account using a developer's RSI handle. ( Sorry CIG :( ) For other accounts, if you believe that someone has stolen your account or is using a high profile handle that isn't the rightful owner, just contact us at and we will have a mobiTracker moderator send them a message on the RSI website to confirm they are the rightful owner. Until we get a response, that account will be locked from being used. Any reviews written by fake profiles will be removed.

Q: What happens if someone changes their RSI Handle?

A: Fortunetly we've developed a way for mobitracker to identify users who have changed their name when they are searched. All previous reviews and ownership of reviews of the previous handle is transferred to the new handle automatically.

I have another question or suggestion not listed here?

Please feel free to reach out to us at